Welcome to Clawson

At Clawson, our heart truly is people. All People-from all walks of life-in all phases of life. We challenge you to DISCOVER a real and loving God, CONNECT with your church family, DEVELOP as a Christ follower, and help us EXPAND His name here and across the globe!

Our Mission

Our mission is very simple, yet very powerful.

Discover, Connect, Develop, Expand. 

Everything we do here at Clawson is geared around these four goals.

  • Discover

    Discover who God is.

  • Connect

    Connect to our family.

  • Develop

    Develop as a Christ follower.

  • Expand

    Expand His Kingdom.

What to Expect

From the moment you arrive, our ultimate goal is for you to feel at home. We want you to feel welcome, comfortable, and loved! We invite you to check out our front row parking for visitors, grab a cup of coffee on us, check your kids in, and get ready for a high-energy worship experience! Expect the service to last about an hour and half, starting with amazing worship and followed by practical preaching.