Our Church's History

History of Clawson Assembly of God Church
March 1919 to December 2009
by Fayrene Cox

   Pentecost first came to Clawson in March 1919 when Rev. Fred Gardener and Rev. Doyle Davis conducted a revival and several were saved and received the Holy Ghost.  Prayer meetings and services were held in homes until June 29, 1919, when Rev. Gardener came into Sister Myrtle Monroe's home and organized a church of about 30 members.  Evangelist Gardener was called as pastor until a regular pastor could be called.  The first regular pastor was Rev. Andy McCuistion.
   Our first Church services were held in the Woodman of the World Hall.  It was located near FM 2021 where Grace Baptist Church is located now.  The Baptist would have a service in the WOW Hall at one time and the Assembly of God had a service at another time.
    In the early days of our church, pastors were few and many had to serve more than one community at a time.  At one time our pastor only came for weekend services once each month.  Bro. Ed Smith and Sister Fannie Jones, members of the church, were the speakers the other weekends.
   The Woodman of the World Hall burned and then a brush arbor was built near the railroad and FM 706.  They split logs for the benches.  They had a lot of persecution and people threw rotten tomatoes and raw eggs at them.  Then the brush arbor burned.
   A small plot of land was purchased by Highway 69 at Clawson where the church is today, from Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Hopper.  Since then other plots of land have been purchased from the Simms' and other surrounding neighbors.  Bro. Ed Smith had a small sawmill and the men of the church helped him saw enough lumber to build a church.  The dedication was held September 16, 1934, by Rev. D.M. Rice, Sectional Presbyter.
   In January 1946 a tornado came through and destroyed several homes and lives were lost.  Some of the early church records were blown away as they were stored in the home of Bro. E.N. Smith.  The church building was slightly damaged and they placed two iron rods through the building from the front all the way through the back to stabilize the building.
   In 1946 the men of the church built a small parsonage beside the church.  It was later moved back and remodeled and enlarged.
   A new auditorium was built and was dedicated June 24, 1951.  Another auditorium was built beside that one and was dedicated in September 1956.  The old auditorium was moved behind the newest auditorium in 1965 and converted into a C.A. Hall (for youth), Sunday School rooms, rest rooms, and a kitchen.  In 1977-1978 the old auditorium was moved and a new Fellowship Hall, kitchen, and Sunday School rooms with a concrete slab and brick wa built behind the newest auditorium and the auditorium was bricked.  The Fellowship Hall is still being used today but the old kitchen and Sunday School rooms were converted into offices.
   A small building was built for the Evangelist quarters during 1971 and 1972, and was later used for the Women's Ministries.  It was moved and is now used as rental property.  In 1975 a brick wing of Sunday School rooms, office and rest rooms was built and is still used today.